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AOE/COE Investigation Request. [ACIR]

10 Day Report. RUSH - Custom Due Date:
Appointment Date:
(Med Eval/Depo/Hearing)
ROUTINE (30 Days): 90th Day:
Claimant: Claim Number:
Address, City, State, Zip:
Phone Number: Social Security Number: Date of Birth:
DOI: Time: a.m. p.m.
Occupation: Date of Hire:
Employer: Injury:
Employer Address:
Employer Phone Number: Policy Number:
Contact: Coverage Date:
Type of Investigation: AOE/COE Statement Subrogation
Post-Termination Claim Cumulative Trauma Serious & Willful
L.C.3600 (Psych Injry) Initial Physical Aggressor Motor Vehicle Accident
Independent Contractor Self-Inflicted Injury Product Liability
Employment Felonious Act Nature & Extent
Death Claim Intoxication Dependency
Going & Coming Medical/Employment History Other:

Claimant Medical Authorization Personnel Records
Employer Claim Form Evidence Recovery (see Remarks)
Witness Police, Sheriff, CHP rep. Birth Certificate (children)
Jurisdiction Marriage License
Report (see Remarks) Divorce Decree
Death Certificate Photographs
Third Party Country: Contract (see Remarks)

Description of Accident and Remarks:

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